Don't panic prep! October 22 2014

So there's been a lot of hype in the news about Ebola lately. While we are your supplier for emergency preparedness... supplies... we do not wish to promote or give in to hype or panic. We encourage measured preparedness and calm minds. We don't see wisdom in exciting people into preparing.

While we do believe in pandemic preparation, and are working on bringing supplies for such events here, such as quality first aid kits, & N99 masks, we don't wish to be involved in creating a hype. So you won't see us here doing that.

We do encourage to turn the news off, close the papers and get out and continue taking advantage of our fantastic extended fall season with fall garden preparations and yard clean up.

That's being said, if you are given in to anxiety and are looking for a place to spend all your money on pandemic supplies, we won't turn you away:D Com'on in.