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New Firearms Class December 30 2015 19973 Comments

Hi all, we are organizing another firearms class.  The previous governemnts changes to the act have made some changes to the class though.  It is now a 12 hour class rather than an 8 hour cass.


our next class will be held Feb 12th 6-10pm  and then the following day 9am-6pm.  Lur class will be held at the Oakbank Motor Hotel.  


Fro more info please contact Ryan at ryan@westshieldoutpost.ca pr call 204-299-7299

preppers of manitoba, lets meet December 21 2015 13 Comments

Hey all, this coming new year w are going to start organizing monthly meetings. Our first meet will begin with a coffee at Timmies on Dugald Rd.  


Let's get together and start making a plan to grow and work together as a prepper community. 


Email us if your interested.

Upcoming Firearms Safety Class February 19 2015 4 Comments


Saturday Feb 28


9:00 am - 3-4:00ish Non-restricted PAL

4:00 - 6:00 Restricted PAL

After this, if there are enough people who have completed the online Hunter Safety Test, you can complete the practical test to abtain your Hunter Safety certificate.  You may take the Hunter Safety test here http://www.huntercourse.com/canada/manitoba/


Space is limited to 15 attendees.  You can secure your spot by calling Ryan Banman at 204-299-7299

or you can go to our Skills-shop section and register by adding the classes you'd like to your cart.  http://westshieldoutpost.ca/collections/skill-shops/products/firearms-and-hunter-safety-class.

**PLEASE DO NOT PAY ONLINE FOR THE CLASS**  please pay cash only to the instructor the day of the class.

Exciting News December 28 2014 4 Comments

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a great start to the new year. 


We have some exciting news at West Shield Outpost.  We are working hard to provide you with greater homestead self-reliance.  We are in talks with qualified electricians and are working to add our display of solar equipment to our store.  This year, we hope to be able to serve you with clean, reliable, sustainable energy. 


Whether it be for your camper, chicken coop, cabin or home, on-grid, or off grid,  we will be able to serve your needs.


Keep watch in our Heat & Energy section to see new products added.  If solar is something you've been considering for your homestead please do feel free to contact our solar deptartment at solar@westshieldoutpost.ca

Until Next Year Wesman December 15 2014 4 Comments

I had a great time at the Brandon Gun Show. I met a lot of great people. Lots of customers, and future customers. I thank you all. I would have to say that our Aqua Farm brought the most onlookers. Our next show will be at the Carmen gun show, so until next year Brandon, Cheers!


Come check us out!! December 09 2014

This coming weekend we will have a table at the Brandon, Mb Gun show.  We will be available all weekend at the Keystone Center Saturday and Sunday.  Hope to see you there.

Prepping to Bug In November 14 2014

Winter is here...finally. How are your winter preps? Have you started them? No time like now to swap your summer car preps with your winter preps. How about for home too? Are you prepared to 'but in' this winter? In Manitoba, and the rest of Canada and the Northern U.S. our winter months may force some to have to do just that, no matter if your a rural homesteader or city dweller.

Here are some tips in case you are shut in at home and get get out (in no particular order or immportance)

- your only concern may be the amount of food you have in your cupboards. Most peoples cupboards are stocked with your favourites for a few days, and staples for a week or two. Start a long term food storage plan ASAP.

-Also, as much as I am not a fan of our over stimulated and entertained society, it will be necessary to keep yourself and especially kids entertained. Family video games, and board games and movies will help.

- make a 'warm room'. Its much easier to heat a single room than the house with a small heating unit and candles. This is where you'll sleep and spend most of your time. A generator can be to run a heater or also an invertor hooked up to your car battery.

- keep your water taps open and running just a little. running water won't freeze. Put some pipe insulation on them as an extra gauruntee.

- keep a propane camp stove or your bbq handy ifnyou don't have a gas stove. You'll have to do your cooking outside though.

-speaking of cooking. Do you have enough food in your house to get you through? Its good practice to have at least 3 months food stock (not just for bugging in, but what if you lose your job?)

-dont forget about clean water. For a couple days you can melt and boil snow to drink or cook with, but for longer periods, you should have a barrel of clean water on hand. Hygiene is of utmost importance for longer periods. (you can purchase Berkey water purifiers for home use from us )

- always keep extra Jerry cans of gas for a generator, or if your rural (or in the city too , a snowmobile can be used to get around.

-again, entertainment and keeping busy is an important element to bugging in. In this case w/o power, do you have any good old fashioned board games around. Games like Risk, or Settlers take a long time to play and are just plain great games.

-In our day, since we've become so accustomed to having the officials do almost everything for us, what if an ambulance can't make it to your place? Are you trained in first aid? This is always a good thing to know.
On the otherside of the emergency responce do you have a big out strategy? I know were talkign about bugging in, but your not going to be stajying there if the house catches on fire and the fire trucks can't get there. Nownyou have nothing but time, get your bug out plan better prepared.
And yet another emergency service need is for police. In most instances, any lowlife thugs and criminals like easy pickings and travel being what it would be, you probably don't need to worry. But again, we're constantly told by the government and police to not defend ourselves, but to just run and call them. We have a great deal of respect for police, but you better believe I will defend myself and my family and my property. Don't tell me not to! But in this situation, they won't be coming even if you wanted them to. You better be prepared to defend you and yours.

-With all that said, here's some items you should have at home for most bug in situations;
Long Term Food Staples
Stored water, for cooking and cleaning.
Water purifier
Elictrical heating unit, or wood stove (propane camp heaters emit noxious fumes).
A well stocked first aid kit
A means of defence (a bat, knives set in strategic places, since in Canada our big brother has decided its not out place to defend ourselves with a handgun, a shotgun is your best bet with the least amount of storage restrictions)

How do you prepare for a bug out situation? Did we miss anything? Do you have any stories about having to bug in? Sound off in the comments or post your stories to our wall.

Our Bushcraft Survival Outing November 10 2014

So while it was unfortunate that no one came out to the Bushcraft survival class this past Saturday, we had a great time caming out bushcraft style overnight. 



We do plan to do an overnight winter camp once we get more snow as well as a winter survival class.  We are in the process of planning more events and options for you.  Perhaps you work with a group in remote locations? Are you a hunter who likes to travel into the less traveled trails?  Do you know what to do if things dont go as planned? 


The best way to get out alive is to go in with the knowledge and tools needed to be able to survive.  We can tailor classes for your group and travel needs and give you hands on experience of how to use those tools. 


If you are interested, contact us at info@westshieldoutpost.ca


Next Skill-shop October 28 2014

Nov 8th will be out next skill shop. Come and learn basic bushcraft survival with us and Borealis Bushcraft. There is still space available, but space is limited.

Cost is $70, get your tickets at 


To the families and friends of our fallen. October 22 2014

This past week has been a tragic week in Canada. We wish to express our deepest condolances to the families and friends of those soldiers killed this morning and on Monday.  Our prayers are with you.





Business Preparedness October 18 2014

Does your company travel to remote locations or are you a municipality that has a responsibility to care for residents during an emergency? We would love the opportunity to work with you to help provide you with supplies and help during such times.  While we are still small and limited, our audience and product line is growing and can provide sufficient supplies for even the largest customer.


We can supply long-term food storage, and water purification supplies, as well as communication, energy and outdoor survival gear.  If you are looking for something that you do not see here, chances are that we simply haven't put it on our site yet. But if that isn't the case, we would be very happy to find it for you.


We wish to serve. Please contact us at




Our Next Skill-shop October 08 2014

Do you know what to do if your out on a hunting trip and you break an ankle or your vehicle gets stuck or runs out of gas in the middle of the forest? How about if your work takes you into the deep bush or your just out on a nature hike and something goes wrong?  Do you know how to stay alive until your found?  Do you know how to stay alive until you can get out?


West Shield Outpost has teamed up with Borealis Bushcraft to teach basic knowledge such as how to properly prepare for an outting, and what to do if the worst should happen.  Things like primitive firecraft, navigation, building a shelter, finding water and making it clean, and finding food.  

Our first class will be held on the grounds of Cooks Creek Community Club.  Here we have a creek and a small, but sizable treed area perfect for a day class. 


Our very first outdoor survival day class will be held on November 8th at the Cooks Creek Community Club located at 30026 Zora rd 68N.  at 9:00am.  Attendance is $70.00 (including GST), and is limited to 12 people.  Come out and learn how to survive agains the odds.


Tickets must be purchased in advance and can be done so online or in person. Please contact Ryan at 204-299-7299 or ryan@westshieldoutpost.ca for in person purchases.


Follow the link to purchase online http://westshieldoutpost.ca/collections/skill-shops

Todays Skill-shop October 05 2014

Yesterday's Skill-shop was fantastic. Thank you for all those who came out. Rather than just casting the skin away after your hunt, turn it into valuable natural leather. 



Introducing Borealis Bushcraft October 01 2014


We have an exciting announcement to make. I have recently met with the team at Borealis Bushcraft (www.borealisbushcraft.com) and we will be putting together some skill-shops to learn some basics in outdoor survival and general preparedness.  


Do you feel confident and comfortable in the wilderness? Jonathan Sprohge and Roland Ward will teach us the basic wilderness skills our grandfather's took for granted such as;


  • Building a bushcraft survival kit
  • Wilderness and emergency shelters
  • Bow drill fire starting
  • Basic plant identification and other edibles
  • Winter skills: what to do the other six months of our Manitoba year.
  • And more...


Perhaps your company sends teams out into wilderness areas, or your youth camp or school would be interested in a class, or maybe your a hunter or backpacker, these skills would be of great benefit when your on the trails. Please do let us know and we can tailor something to meet your needs.


Class schedules are usually based on interest, but we will periodically offer classes. Class sizes for day classes will be limited to 10 and weekend trips 5. So keep watch for an announcement soon as we are preparing a class as we speak. 



Hide Tanning Skill-Shop September 20 2014

Using your own hands and  learning the skills  to transform a freshly skinned hide into soft smoked leather is a rewarding experience that forms a relationship between you and the animal, the past and the present, and extends and honours the animal's life into the future. The art of natural hide tanning creates a unique and rare leather that retains the original integrity and strength of the living animal. 


You might also be interested in knowing how to preserve your own bearskins or mount your own antlers.  Come and learn to brain tan your hides. Learn to make beautiful leathers or mounts for yourself with Carl Froese from Manitoba Buckskin.


Our class will take place on Saturday Oct 4 at the Cooks Creek Community Club located at 30026 Zora Rd 68N, Cooks Creek, Mb. 


The class will start at 9:00am and run until approximately 4:00pm


The cost for the class is $75.00 or $100 for a you and a friend.


Please contact Ryan Banman @ 204-299-7299 or email ryan@westshieldoutpost.ca to register. We accept cash or cheque ahead of time, or cash only at the door. Or you may also purchase your ticket right here and bring your receipt to the class. 


We look forward to seeing you there.

Manitoba's Provincial Hunting Day September 18 2014

Come and celebrate the rich history and tradition of hunting in Manitoba. Activities, demonstrations and displays for the whole family. Open to the public. Non-hunters encouraged to attend.


  • September 27, 2014
  • Times:From: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Admission:Free
  • Location:Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre Snow Goose Bay at Hwy 220 near Stonewall Mb
  • Contact:Manitoba Wildlife Federation
  • Phone:204-633-5967



End of Summer, Prepare for the Hunt August 27 2014

Summer will be over before you know it. Are you ready for winter? Last winter was a real struggle to get through. But us Canadians are the hardiest bunch on the planet.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't be ready for it and the trouble it may bring. 


The end of August also means the opening of deer season for archery and also goose and upland game bird here in Manitoba. 


Before the snow falls and covers all that doesn't move, and for your hunt, we want to celebrate with a sale.  For the first two weeks of September, until September 15th, we will give 10% off everything in the store on all orders over $150.00 and 15% off all orders over $200.00


Just use the promo code '4thehunt' for any orders over $150.00 

or 'longwinters' for orders over $200.00


Happy hunting.


Ryan Banman

Do you need to get your hunter safety & firearms license? August 10 2014

Firearms class for Sept 13 at
Cooks Creek Community Club

Non restricted firearms 9am - 4pm $60

Hunter Safety 4 - 7:30pm $55

The hunter safety class can be taken online at for $55


A passing certificate will need to be brought to the class during the Hunter safety class to perform the practical portion of the test for a $10 fee.

If there is 5 or more people interested we can hold a class for the restricted firearms license for $40. So please let me know if you are interested.

Please call Ryan Banman to register
204-299-7299 or email 

All fees will need to be prepaid ahead of time with cash.

The Go Berkey Kit June 20 2014



The Go Berkey Kit is the prefect system to bring along on any outdoor adventure or bug out situation.  Bringing enough water along can be a burdensome task which takes up a lot of space and gets very heavy.  For your next outing or addition to your bug out bag, include a Go Berkey Kit.  The kit includes 1 stainless canister with 1 Black Berkey water filter, 1 Berkey Sports Bottle, and a carrying case. 


Never worry about running out of clean water again.


The Go Berkey Kit is available here for $149.99




We would like to hear from you June 20 2014

Hello, I'm Ryan Banman, owner at West Shield Outpost. We are a new prepping supply store based just outside the city of Winnipeg Mb. Since our launch, we have secured some great products for those who take the initiative to prepare for life changing events. Whether that includes a natural weather event, or economic, we hope to be able to meet your needs. 

We would like to hear from you about what we can do to help you better. Whether it be certain stock items not found on our site (there are plenty more to come), or perhaps a service we might be able to provide to you. Please let us know. 


You may email me directly at ryan@westshieldoutpost.ca, or start a discussion on the comments. You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/westshield


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Ryan Banman

Bitcoin accepted here June 19 2014