Prepping to Bug In November 14 2014

Winter is here...finally. How are your winter preps? Have you started them? No time like now to swap your summer car preps with your winter preps. How about for home too? Are you prepared to 'but in' this winter? In Manitoba, and the rest of Canada and the Northern U.S. our winter months may force some to have to do just that, no matter if your a rural homesteader or city dweller.

Here are some tips in case you are shut in at home and get get out (in no particular order or immportance)

- your only concern may be the amount of food you have in your cupboards. Most peoples cupboards are stocked with your favourites for a few days, and staples for a week or two. Start a long term food storage plan ASAP.

-Also, as much as I am not a fan of our over stimulated and entertained society, it will be necessary to keep yourself and especially kids entertained. Family video games, and board games and movies will help.

- make a 'warm room'. Its much easier to heat a single room than the house with a small heating unit and candles. This is where you'll sleep and spend most of your time. A generator can be to run a heater or also an invertor hooked up to your car battery.

- keep your water taps open and running just a little. running water won't freeze. Put some pipe insulation on them as an extra gauruntee.

- keep a propane camp stove or your bbq handy ifnyou don't have a gas stove. You'll have to do your cooking outside though.

-speaking of cooking. Do you have enough food in your house to get you through? Its good practice to have at least 3 months food stock (not just for bugging in, but what if you lose your job?)

-dont forget about clean water. For a couple days you can melt and boil snow to drink or cook with, but for longer periods, you should have a barrel of clean water on hand. Hygiene is of utmost importance for longer periods. (you can purchase Berkey water purifiers for home use from us )

- always keep extra Jerry cans of gas for a generator, or if your rural (or in the city too , a snowmobile can be used to get around.

-again, entertainment and keeping busy is an important element to bugging in. In this case w/o power, do you have any good old fashioned board games around. Games like Risk, or Settlers take a long time to play and are just plain great games.

-In our day, since we've become so accustomed to having the officials do almost everything for us, what if an ambulance can't make it to your place? Are you trained in first aid? This is always a good thing to know.
On the otherside of the emergency responce do you have a big out strategy? I know were talkign about bugging in, but your not going to be stajying there if the house catches on fire and the fire trucks can't get there. Nownyou have nothing but time, get your bug out plan better prepared.
And yet another emergency service need is for police. In most instances, any lowlife thugs and criminals like easy pickings and travel being what it would be, you probably don't need to worry. But again, we're constantly told by the government and police to not defend ourselves, but to just run and call them. We have a great deal of respect for police, but you better believe I will defend myself and my family and my property. Don't tell me not to! But in this situation, they won't be coming even if you wanted them to. You better be prepared to defend you and yours.

-With all that said, here's some items you should have at home for most bug in situations;
Long Term Food Staples
Stored water, for cooking and cleaning.
Water purifier
Elictrical heating unit, or wood stove (propane camp heaters emit noxious fumes).
A well stocked first aid kit
A means of defence (a bat, knives set in strategic places, since in Canada our big brother has decided its not out place to defend ourselves with a handgun, a shotgun is your best bet with the least amount of storage restrictions)

How do you prepare for a bug out situation? Did we miss anything? Do you have any stories about having to bug in? Sound off in the comments or post your stories to our wall.