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Hide Tanning Skill-Shop September 20 2014

Using your own hands and  learning the skills  to transform a freshly skinned hide into soft smoked leather is a rewarding experience that forms a relationship between you and the animal, the past and the present, and extends and honours the animal's life into the future. The art of natural hide tanning creates a unique and rare leather that retains the original integrity and strength of the living animal. 


You might also be interested in knowing how to preserve your own bearskins or mount your own antlers.  Come and learn to brain tan your hides. Learn to make beautiful leathers or mounts for yourself with Carl Froese from Manitoba Buckskin.


Our class will take place on Saturday Oct 4 at the Cooks Creek Community Club located at 30026 Zora Rd 68N, Cooks Creek, Mb. 


The class will start at 9:00am and run until approximately 4:00pm


The cost for the class is $75.00 or $100 for a you and a friend.


Please contact Ryan Banman @ 204-299-7299 or email ryan@westshieldoutpost.ca to register. We accept cash or cheque ahead of time, or cash only at the door. Or you may also purchase your ticket right here and bring your receipt to the class. 


We look forward to seeing you there.