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Our Next Skill-shop October 08 2014

Do you know what to do if your out on a hunting trip and you break an ankle or your vehicle gets stuck or runs out of gas in the middle of the forest? How about if your work takes you into the deep bush or your just out on a nature hike and something goes wrong?  Do you know how to stay alive until your found?  Do you know how to stay alive until you can get out?


West Shield Outpost has teamed up with Borealis Bushcraft to teach basic knowledge such as how to properly prepare for an outting, and what to do if the worst should happen.  Things like primitive firecraft, navigation, building a shelter, finding water and making it clean, and finding food.  

Our first class will be held on the grounds of Cooks Creek Community Club.  Here we have a creek and a small, but sizable treed area perfect for a day class. 


Our very first outdoor survival day class will be held on November 8th at the Cooks Creek Community Club located at 30026 Zora rd 68N.  at 9:00am.  Attendance is $70.00 (including GST), and is limited to 12 people.  Come out and learn how to survive agains the odds.


Tickets must be purchased in advance and can be done so online or in person. Please contact Ryan at 204-299-7299 or ryan@westshieldoutpost.ca for in person purchases.


Follow the link to purchase online http://westshieldoutpost.ca/collections/skill-shops

Introducing Borealis Bushcraft October 01 2014


We have an exciting announcement to make. I have recently met with the team at Borealis Bushcraft (www.borealisbushcraft.com) and we will be putting together some skill-shops to learn some basics in outdoor survival and general preparedness.  


Do you feel confident and comfortable in the wilderness? Jonathan Sprohge and Roland Ward will teach us the basic wilderness skills our grandfather's took for granted such as;


  • Building a bushcraft survival kit
  • Wilderness and emergency shelters
  • Bow drill fire starting
  • Basic plant identification and other edibles
  • Winter skills: what to do the other six months of our Manitoba year.
  • And more...


Perhaps your company sends teams out into wilderness areas, or your youth camp or school would be interested in a class, or maybe your a hunter or backpacker, these skills would be of great benefit when your on the trails. Please do let us know and we can tailor something to meet your needs.


Class schedules are usually based on interest, but we will periodically offer classes. Class sizes for day classes will be limited to 10 and weekend trips 5. So keep watch for an announcement soon as we are preparing a class as we speak.