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MREs are an essential component of your family’s 72 hour kit, emergency food supply, and/or long-term food storage. Meal Kit Supply MREs are not your grandpa’s combat rations — each case has 10 different menus (12 total menus), a 5 year shelf life, over 1300 calories per meal, and great taste.

Meal Kit Supply MREs are the freshest MREs commercially available, with 100% military components. Our MREs offer one of the highest calorie counts in the commercial MRE market — this means you get more bang for your buck. We offer the highest quality MREs for sale in North America.



Lineup for food aid during Hurricane Rita. Don't put your family in this situation: add MREs to your emergency food supply today.
Line up for food aid during Hurricane Katrina.
Avoid line ups by improving your emergency
food storage today.

Meal Kit Supply’s MRE product is perfect for ‘Week 1′ of any disaster. It’s precooked, mobile, and ready to eat. In terms of emergency preparedness, MREs are highly suited to quick departures from your home. Imagine having under 5 minutes to evacuate — what kind of emergency food would you bring? MREs also prevent your family from having to stand in the long lineups for food handouts that often accompany natural disasters. Many families include our MREs into their disaster preparedness kit (or 72 hour kit) and car emergency kit.

MREs are perfect for emergency evacuations when buying something on the road is impossible. Week 1 should be spent getting your family back on its feet and organized, not worrying where your next meal will come from. MREs are a simple way to improve your family’s current emergency food supply or long-term food storage.



Don't be caught on the road without food - are you prepared for your family to evacuate quickly? MREs store easily in car trunks and give you the ease of knowing you've got emergency food covered.Don’t get caught on the road without food during an evacuation. Do you have a car emergency kit?

Our MREs are the most technically advanced shelf stable food in the world, offering a shelf life of 5 years. They are the gold standard for emergency preparedness — FEMA has deployed millions across the United States for precisely that reason. Each 3-course Meal Kit Supply MRE has over 1,300 Calories per meal. A diet of MREs has at least 100% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.

Meal Kit Supply recommends the consumption of 2 MREs per person per day (~2700 calories per day). This means a Meal Kit Supply case would provide a full 7 days supply of food (think emergency food supply) for one person. Alternatively, 1 case would feed 4 people well for 2 days. A basic emergency preparedness kit should contain 1 case of MREs and 1 case of bottled water to ensure 1 week of nourishment for 1 individual.


MREs are durable, impact and water resistant, insect-proof, and hermetically sealed. These qualities make them highly suited for weather conditions that may accompany natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and storms. Further, each MRE is equipped with a Flameless Ration Heater which removes the need for both a stove and stove fuel. You can rest easy knowing the durability and reliability of our MREs will see you and your family through almost any emergency or natural disaster.



This map shows the different natural disasters Canada is exposed to. For example, grey translates to the frequent occurrence of severe snow storms. Do not wait for the next pandemic, earthquake, ice storm, flood, or hurricane: complete your disaster preparedness kit and emergency food supply today. Watch this informational video to get MRE storage ideas.

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