72 Hour Deluxe Survival Kit


Rapid Survival 72 Hour Survival Kit - Deluxe is an essential part of any household emergency preparedness plan. The Canadian Government suggests that all households have enough supplies to survive a minimum of 72 hours during an emergency disaster situation.

With the prevalence of natural disasters and emergencies, an Emergency Survival Kit is crucial for your emergency preparedness plan. The Rapid Survival 72 hour survival kit is designed for all emergencies—from major storms, power outages, floods, earthquakes, or any other disasters—our 72 hour deluxe survival kit has you covered.

The Rapid Survival 72 Hour Survival Kit - Deluxe is the most comprehensively designed kit for the home, car or office. Our 72 Hour Deluxe Survival Kits were designed by emergency preparedness experts to provide the most comprehensive, effective, and reliable survival kits for any emergency.

Why pay expensive prices for unnecessary store bought items that contain perishable food and water and unreliable supplies that need constant replacement? Each kit contains a 3-day supply per person of survival food and water guaranteed to last for 5 years even when stored in extreme conditions.



  • [1]Datrex 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Ration:
    • 5 year shelf life, 5 Day Supply of Food, Canadian coast guard and Transport Canada approved, made in US.



  • [12]Datrex 125ml Water Rations: 
    • 5 year shelf life, 6 Day Supply of Water, Canadian coast guard and Transport Canada approved, made in USA, withstands temperature  from (-40°C to 99°C) without bursting.
  • [10]Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets: 
    • 10 tablets treats up to 10L, fast acting, great taste, iodine free.



  • [1]72HRS Emergency Sleeping Bag:
    • Great for emergency camping, boating, hiking made of durable mylar space age material, retains/reflects back 90% of body heat, reusable, waterproof and windproof and can be used as an emergency blanket.
  • [1]72HRS Hooded Rain Poncho:
    • Protection against the element, lightweight.
  • [1]Tube Tent
    • Provides shelter for two people, flame resistant fabric, orange colour for air signal, can be used as a ground sheet or tarp.
  • [1]Roll Duct Tape



  • [1]Hand-Crank Powered Light, AM/FM Radio & USB Device Charger 
    • (see video tab)
  • [1]Three Wick 36HR Emergency Candles
  • [40]Waterproof Matches



  • [1]108 Pcs First Aid Kit: 
    • [36] 3/4'' X 3'' Band-Aids, [30] 3/8'' x 1 1/2'', [2] 4'' x 4'' Gauze Pads, [2] 3'' x 3'' Gauze Pads, [2] 2'' x 2'' Gauze Pads, [1] 2'' Rolled Gauze, [15] Alcohol Pads, [10] Cotton Swabs, [1] Adhesive Tape Roll, [1] Tweezer, [1] First Aid Guide, [1] 5'' x 6'' Cold Pack, [1] Scissors, [2] Tongue Depressor, [1] Pair Vinyl Glove, [1] Plastic Carry Case (7'' x 5 1/2'' x 2 1/2)



  • [1] Safety Whistle
    • Individually packaged
  • [1]Surgical Masks
    • Individually packaged
  • [1] Pair Leather Work Gloves
    • Heavy duty
  • [1]Multi-Function Army Knife (7 Stainless steel Tools)
    • Knife, Bottle Opener, Corkscrew, Philips screwdriver, Scissors, Nail File, Can Opener.
  • [1]>50ft Nylon Utility Cord



  • [1] Tissue Pack



  • [1]Rapid Survival Deluxe Backpack (waterproof)
  • [2]Clear Reclosable Bags (10" * 13")

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