Heat & Energy

Heat is an essential need for life, especially in our northern climate.  Fire is used to cook food, keep us warm, give us light, and to even keep our spirits high during a hard situation.  Explore many of our products to help you with these needs.  We have emergency go to products to help make it easy to start a fire in places and times when it isn't easy.


There are also many tools which can be used to generate small or large amounts of electricity for your shelter, or homestead.  Keeping your gadgets charged and running will increase your comfort and or survival, and reducing your electrical bill and reliance on corporate dependancy is always something to strive for.  While we certainly have the gear you'll need for wilderness survival, we can also move your home to energey self-sufficiency. 


Browse our growing line up of solar equipment.  Whether you just want light and heat for your chicken coop, hot-water tank, or your entire home, we've got what you need.



                      Complete Solar Heating Package SWH-1 - 1 x TZ58 1800 30R collector                      Green Grid Package 1 ON grid Solar package 1840 Watt, Monitor, LED and power saving equipment                        


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     Vertical Solar Panel Roof Mount VRM4-SH80                        RV 95 watt solar kit                   Morningstar ProStar-30 Amp 12/24 vdc regulator with integrated meter, on/off switch, low voltage disconnect and temperature compensation.                    Solar Park Light SPSL-010

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