Links of Interest

Hey we wish we could provide everything you would ever need right here, alas we cannot (plus it's better to excel in just a few things, rather than be mediocre in many ;).  So here are some related links we think may be of interest to you.


eNucleus - A Forum for Everything Outdoors

eN was devised as a communication and resource tool and Forum by a group who have an interest in :

Geocaching - Hunting & Fishing - Hiking & Camping - Bushcraft - Preparation & Survival

If you have a passion for all things outdoors then this may be the place for you

We welcome you to take a moment to register and start participating.


International Preppers Network 

A forum for like minded pepper individuals from around the world to share their wealth of knowledge. Find people in your own region too.


Manitoba Hunting Forum / Manitoba Fishing Forum

Our local community hunting and fishing forums.


Borealis Bushcraft

Do you feel confident and comfortable in the wilderness?

We teach a concept called bushcraft survival. These skills blend modern technology and old world knowledge to allow you to explore the wilderness confidently.

By learning to listen to nature and being prepared, we can enjoy our vast Canadian wilderness while avoiding trouble in the first place


Wild West Farm & Garden

Our vision is to bring together all of the componants to build and support a country lifestyle.

We develop and support animal wellness programs and build the optimal enviroment for the health of the animals and the enjoyment of people who love them. It is truly about creating a better enviroment for our clients, our dealers and the animals and lifestyle that they value.

Zurzolo Blade Works

A sharp knife an essential tool for self-reliance.  When we at West Shield Outpost need our knives sharpened, we visit Francesco at Zurzolo Blade Works.  His work is exceptional. He hand sharpenes each blade and they come back sharper than factory.  We highly recommend you take your blades to Francesco. You will notice the difference.


Wildlife Control Supplies Canada

Wildlife Control Supplies of Canada, we offer the largest selections of nuisance wildlife control supplies and animal handling equipment in Canada.