Silva Ranger® CLQ


• When precision counts
and ease of use matters
• 1/20 inch scale - 1:24 scale with 1/4 mile
increments for accurate orienteering • All scales
come in two colours, so it's easy to read • Large
sighting mirror with a vee notch for readings on
distant landmarks
• A geared declination allows adjustment for the
difference in degrees between magnetic north
and true north, giving a faster read and reducing
the chance of error
• Clinometer to measure angles of inclinatio
• Easy-grip bezel with white on black printing
dial numbers • Luminous points • Comes with a
lanyard, an adjustable slider and screwdriver for
convenient carrying Size: 4 x 2 1/2" x 11/16"
(closed) Weight: 2.3 oz.


Download the Instructions (English) PDF

Download the Instructions (French) PDF

The Silva System



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