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Do you know what to do if your out on a hunting trip and you break an ankle or your vehicle gets stuck or runs out of gas in the middle of the forest? How about if your work takes you into the deep bush or your just out on a nature hike and something goes wrong?  Do you know how to stay alive until your found?  Do you know how to stay alive until you can get out?

West Shield Outpost has teamed up with Borealis Bushcraft for basic and advanced knowledge skill-shops, such as how to properly prepare for an outing, and what to do if the worst should happen.  Things like primitive firecraft, navigation, building a shelter, finding water and making it clean, and finding food.

If your job brings you remote locations, or you'd just like to learn these skills to be able to keep your family safe if something should happen, we will make the class to suit your needs or situations.

For a day class we will cover everything you need to know.  We can also organize an overnight campout 'bushcraft' style without tents, but using tarps as shelter.  Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, we are ready to give you the skill you need to not rely on luck alone for survival.   

Organize a group (10 participant maximum) and book your class today.  We will work together to schedule a day that will suit everyone. A day class will cost $550.00 (price includes GST).  We can hold a class anywhere you may prefer or at West Shield Outpost's partner site at Cooks Creek Community Club next to the creek. 

If you are interested in an overnight class, this will cost more as there will be more planning and gear required for us to bring. Please contact us for more details

We will provide you with a list of items we suggest you bring to either a day class, or an over night class.  All participants will also receive a 10% percent discaount code to purchase anything from the store you may want.  We will also give all participants a free paracord bracelet for attending (you must let us know how many will be in your group to a maximum of 10).


We hope to hear from you.

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